Monday Morning Musings

Greetings to you in the name of Christ. Today is Monday. Oh no! But if you live with the understanding that everyday is the day of salvation, that’s not too bad. Today the Lord is at work, growing you, inviting you to come to him and trust him and know him. Walk in his love today.
Here’s a few things to keep in mind:
  • The clothing drive is this weekend. We need folks to be here on Friday evening to help set up. And we need folks to be here on Saturday to work the event. Please let us know if you can. If you haven’t signed up and want to help, just reply to this email with what you are willing to do.
  • Also, on Sunday, we will celebrate the Lord in homecoming fashion, honoring our oldest members, and sending off the Carder family to Falling Water Baptist Church. We will have a meal after church, a recognition of the Carders, and a singing that afternoon.
  • D3 has started on Wednesday nights. Join us as we are looking at the local church this semester. The ladies will start on August 30th their own study. See Tracy Pugh for more details on that.
Here are some links:
How Did the Cross Defeat Satan … another look at the book.
Memories of a Childhood … not a Christian article but I do want you to see the value of kids playing and childhood. This is what we have lost in our world today. This is what my childhood was like but my kids not as much. Can we recover some of it?
Glorifying God … and ourselves. Great insight here.
Praying through the Gospels … in 30 days. I’m gonna try this. You should too.
And lastly, an update on our Youth Ministry position. As you all know, this is Brandon Carder’s last Sunday. What’s our next steps? The answer is that there is a short-term and long-term answer. In the short-term we will be filling that teaching spot either with our own volunteers, or with someone part-time from outside the church who is qualified to lead. Your youth committee will help with the in’s and out’s of youth ministry while that is happening. For the long-term, we play to do our best to fill that position with a full-time staff member who can do what Brandon Carder was doing. At the September member’s meeting a search team will be presented and commissioned to find our next staff member. Please pray for the whole process. Just know, we are committed to providing discipleship for our youth and the health of our church overall. Your youth committee will do their best to ensure this transition goes well. More info to come!
“The church is like a river. If it gets wider instead of deeper it will lose its power.” Thomas Manton
In Christ,
Pastor Brandon
Brandon Pugh
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Greenbrier, TN
(615) 643-0230

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