Monday Morning Musings

Hey all,

Blessings to you all in Christ today. Yesterday was a great day. We had a baptism! We had another person present themselves as a candidate for baptism! We had a full house! And we heard of Christ’s love for us in spite of our best efforts to run from him so often. Praise God!

Some reminders:
  • Next week starts Grow Groups. Sign up if you haven’t. If you want to know more about those, reach out to me.
  • August 27th we are having a fellowship meal, a homecoming of sorts, and a send off for the Carders. It’s potluck. We provide the meat and drinks … you bring a side. We will have a “singin” after the service.
Here’s some links:
11 Reasons Jesus Is Lovely … just ordered this book as well. You should too.
Back to School Prayer Guide … well, because it is back to school.
The Urgency of Friendships … and guess what? It’s biblical.
Reasons to Have the Bible in Your Worship … and the more the better.
Are You Ever Quiet? … recovering a lost practice.
The race that you are running has been run by millions before. You think that no one ever had such trials as yourself, but every step that you are journeying has been safely walked by others.” J. C. Ryle
In Christ,
Pastor Brandon
Brandon Pugh
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Greenbrier, TN
(615) 643-0230

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