Thursday’s Thinker on Friday :)

Hey all,
Sorry for being a day late on this. Our text for this week is Malachi 2:17-3:5. Make sure you read that over and over, or at least a few times. And note the following:
  • Notice that 2:17 and 3:1-5 are the two sections. How do they relate?
  • Read v17 carefully. What is he saying? What were the people saying? Put it in your own words. Have you ever said anything like that?
  • Look at 3:1. Do some research. That verse is quoted in the NT. Where? Who does this refer to? What did he do? What was his role?
  • Note the word ‘coming.’ Can you think of the Lord’s coming in other parts of the Bible?
  • Look at v2 and then compare it to Psalm 130:3-4 and 1 John 2:28 and Rev 6:17-19. This is a theme in the Bible.
  • What is a refiner? What does refining look like for the Christian?
  • Do you see a difference between vv2-4 and v5? What’s the difference?
  • Ask yourself already, what do I need to know and do from this text?
See you Sunday!
Pastor Brandon
Brandon Pugh
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Greenbrier, TN
(615) 643-0230

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