Thursday’s Thinker (and a couple of other items)

First thing … sorry I have forgotten to send these out. Just got out of the groove. Many of you have found this helpful.

Second, included in this email is a letter from Talon and Sarah Redding, who have moved north of Cookeville, and along with that their membership to a new church. We miss them. And here’s a letter he wanted passed along to you all.
Third, the new security film covering all glass entrances and first floor windows has been installed. Here’s a few rules (parents, please help with your kiddos on this): don’t touch the glass for one week; don’t stick anything on windows; don’t clean windows for two weeks (should you get to hankering to clean the windows); there are bubbles in it but those will disappear in about a month. Thank God for this added security for our church.
Fourth, the church picnic is this Sunday afternoon from 4-8pm at Ridgetop Station Park. Make sure you tell everyone and invite someone, perhaps someone who is a little on the edges of the church.
Now, here’s Thursday’s thinker:
  • Start off by reading Malachi … the whole book! It’s only four short chapters. Read it a few times if possible. What themes do you notice? What repeated words do you see? What do you think is the root problem that they are facing? If you can find an intro to the book that gives you background information, read that. It will help. Notice that this book is the last one in the OT. Is that significant? Why?
  • Now, read 1:1 slowly. That’s all I am preaching on this Sunday. Don’t worry. I won’t do that for the whole book. Mark the word “oracle.” Look that word up. What does it mean? Chew on that word for a bit. How does that word connect with the phrase “word of the Lord?” Why is that important?
  • Why is the “word of the Lord” important?
  • Who is this oracle directed to? What does this mean?
  • Who is Malachi? Look at his name. What does the name mean? Do you think he’s a real person? Does it matter?
  • Now, look at the beginning of v2. How does that shape how you understand v1? Chew on that for a while.
Don’t forget to pray through this and pray it in to your heart! And pray for me, always. Blessings!
In Christ,
Pastor Brandon
Brandon Pugh
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Greenbrier, TN
(615) 643-0230

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