Monday Morning Musings

Hey all. Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Halloween … actually, Reformation Day. Tomorrow is the anniversary of how a monk, named Martin Luther, and a mallet, changed the world. On that day in 1517 Luther nailed his 95 arguments on the church door in Wittenberg and it set off a chain of events that changed the church for good, and for the good. You’ll see an article linked to that below.

Cutting to the chase, this is a little late, but here they are …
Why Are You Friends with Your Friends … who your friends are says alot about you.
A Letter to an Anxious Christian … and we live in an age of anxiety.
Ligonier App … I’m sharing this because this app will give you access to so much free teaching material. You can grow so much from this.
Does Jesus Tell Us We Can’t Get No Satisfaction … he does not. But he does tell us to fight fire with fire.
What Do We Celebrate on Halloween? … try the Reformation!
“Spread the sail when the breeze of adversity blows, and let it drive your vessel onwards on its course.” [Robert Murray McCheyne]
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