Monday Morning Musings

Glory to God! Give glory to his name for the beautiful day he has made and the beautiful Savior he has given to us. Thankful today for his steadfast love … his faithfulness to us, even when we are faithless.

Weird and Weirder and How the West Was Made … this is a new podcast. The books they are referring to are fascinating. Can’t wait to listen to these episodes.
The Dangers of Alone … five things single men need to think about.
A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Christian … take heart and be encouraged.
The Question Your Kids Should Not Be Asking … find out what the question is.
God Alone Does Great Wonders … remember, we’ve seen in Malachi that our great need is to stand in awe of God.
“It turns out that something everyone is talking about—authentic community—is bound up in something people rarely ever talk about: church membership.” [Matt Dever & Jamie Dunlop]
In Christ,
Pastor Brandon
Brandon Pugh
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Greenbrier, TN
(615) 643-0230

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