Monday Morning Musings

Blessings and Greetings! The Lord bless you today with the assurance of his love to you in Christ. He loves his people with an everlasting love. One of the ways he does that is by maturing you and changing your life. And that’s really the point of these articles every week. Hopefully they are useful.
Here’s some links:
Pastor, Lead through Teaching … obviously this is directed toward me, but it helps for you to know as well what you should expect from your pastor.
A Prayer Guide for the Nations ... this has been on my heart alot lately. Here’s a guide to help you pray for the salvation of the unreached peoples of the world.
Why Pastor’s Should Pray for Slow Growth … this is encouraging for pastors but I think it helps you think clearly about what a healthy church looks like. That last point in particular was heartening.
If I Could Hear Christ Praying … used this quote last night and it’s a great thought about the Lord praying for us.
Why Membership Matters … the wording is small and it’s a little long for a web article, but not too bad. I think it’s helpful though and fits with much of what we have been studying on Wed nights.
“It turns out that something everyone is talking about—authentic community—is bound up in something people rarely ever talk about: church membership.” — Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop
In Christ,
Pastor Brandon
Brandon Pugh
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church
Greenbrier, TN
(615) 643-0230

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