Growing Up

What does it mean to GROW UP at Bethel? Well, that’s what good, healthy trees do. That’s what healthy people do.That’s what Christ-followers do. We ask our members to commit to earnestly gowing in their walk with Jesus. It takes TIME. It takes PATIENCE. And it takes OTHERS. We need each other to point out our weaknesses, to be weak so we can be strong for them, to cheer us on, and more. It takes EFFORT. But it’s worth it.

How can I GROW UP at Bethel?

  • First, commit to attend church weekly. Don’t underestimate the power of God to change you life by just showing up to church.
  • Second, commit to a small group of some kind. We have different kinds. We have traditional Sunday School. We have grow-groups that are composed of 3-5 persons of the same gender for deeper discussion and encouragement. We have Wednesday night Bible studies and more.
  • Third, pray and study your bible. It’s hard to put a value on these age-old “exercises” for growing believers.
  • Fourth, meet with someone. You could meet with another believer to share with them what you are learning, to read the Bible together, to pray together, or read a Christian book together.

If you need help with any of these options, let us know.