Digging In

What does it mean to DIG IN at Bethel? It means you plant yourself. Plant yourself in Christ with his people. Commit wholeheartedly to Him WITH his people. Root yourself down without holding anything back. Nothing on the surface. That’s not how roots grow. Go deep with Jesus and with his people. That’s what members do. They join and dig in. You can’t grow until you dig in.

How do I DIG IN at Bethel?

  • FIRST, COMMIT YOURSELF TO JESUS. Have you ever received Jesus Christ as your Savior? Has Jesus become your new center? The one who has decided your past and determines your future? If not, email us today at bethelgreenbrier@comcast.net.
  • SECOND, COMMIT YOURSELF TO BETHEL. How do you do that? Be baptized (if you are not) and join our church. Pure and simple. Jesus taught that if you love him and you are commited to him, then you will be committed to his people. If you are interested in membership, why not take our next DIGGING IN @ BETHEL class. Contact Pastor Brandon to find out when our next class will be held or look at out Events page.