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Bethel Baptist Church
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I'm Visiting

Are you thinking of joining us for a Sunday morning worship service?

Here's what you can expect:

Service Times

Sunday School 9:00 AM
Morning Worship 10:30 AM
Bethel Kids 6:00 PM
Grow Groups 6:00 PM
Meal 5:45-6:15 PM
Adult Bible Service 6:30 PM
Youth Bible Study 6:30 PM
Preschool and Children's Missions 6:30 PM


We combine joy and reverence in musical style as an expression of our Christian experience. Our music is intentional, reverent, and joyful with a mixture of old and new hymns and choruses led by a variety of instruments and singers to foster robust congregational singing.

Prayers and Scripture Reading

Just like the church has for ages, we pray as a congregation. We open our service with prayer, we pray during the service, and at the end of the service. We have a variety of prayers – confession, praise, thanksgiving, and pastoral supplication (we ask God for help on specific items). We pray for needs inside and outside our church, knowing that the kingdom of God goes beyond Bethel's ministry. We usually open our service with prayer and Scripture reading and then we read the sermon text before our pastor preaches.


We are passionately committed to expositional preaching, meaning that point of the sermon is the point of the particular passage. Our passage will simply read the Bible and then explain it in an engaging manner. The preaching is approximately 35-45 minutes.


We regularly celebrate baptism and the Lord’s Supper as Christ commanded and as a picture of the Gospel. We partake of the Lord’s Supper quarterly in the morning service. All baptized believers who are in good standing of an evangelical church are welcome to partake of the Lord’s Supper. Sometimes, when we have new believers or believers who join our church from other non-baptistic churches, we celebrate Christian baptism by immersion.


We would love for you to stay after the service for a few minutes and let us meet you. There are greeters at most doors, and people often linger to talk and get to know each other.


If you are not a Christian, please know that you are very welcome and should feel the freedom to participate in the service to whatever degree you feel comfortable. We do not expect you to affirm or sing about things you do not believe. You are more than welcome to sit and observe. We do collect money every Sunday but only expect that members give.


While most people will be dressed in “business casual” attire, you are welcome to wear something more casual or more formal. You'll find people who wear ties and some who wear jeans.

We would love to see you soon!