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Pastor's Blog Spot - Monday's Musings 9/5/16

Monday's Musings 9/5/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day, resting in the finished work of Jesus on your behalf. The book of Hebrews calls us to strive to enter into his rest - you know sometimes it can be hard work to rest in Christ Weird huh? But that's a different sermon for a different day. Today, let me give you a few links for your help, dare I say to help you rest in Christ:

How do I pray? Here's a video and notice the book (Praying the Bible) he mentions. I've been mentioning this book for some time now. I highly recommend it.

And how do you pray for your children in school? Here's a great, God-centered way to pray for them.

 Here's an informative article about why marriage is better than just living together, something that is more and more popular these days.

Very insightful article on pain, suffering, and dying. It really made me ask the question: "Am I a Lazarus or a Job?" Read and see which one you are.

Quote for the day:

"Truth without grace is harsh and ugly. Grace without truth is sentimental and cowardly. The living Christ is full of grace and truth." (John 1:14)


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