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Pastor's Blog Spot - Monday's Musings 9/26/16

Monday's Musings 9/26/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

It's Monday and you are fully into your work week or if you are retired you are probably still busy. Yesterday I preached on work, so I hope you were challenged and encouraged. My prayer is that this week you will work hard, serve your employer well, be a blessing to your coworkers, and do all you can to glorify the Lord at work and at home. To that end, I humbly submit to you a few articles that might can help you do that ...

Work is an act of worship. Watch this quick 2 minute sermon clip and listen carefully for the Luther quote - this is what I was trying to say yesterday. Hope it helps.

How do you view giving at your church? Well, as this short article points out, it is certainly more than paying a bill.

Have you ever wondered whether you married the wrong person? I bet you have. Here's an insightful response to the question.

And, I am always looking for reasons to get myself off of a screen. Here's one.

And now your quote for the day (and it's a good one): "Jesus Christ knows you completely. Why would you ever run from someone who knows everything about you and still loves you?" —Colin Smith


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