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Pastor's Blog Spot - Monday's Musings 9/12/16

Monday's Musings 9/12/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may he make his face shine upon you; may he lift up your countenance and give you his peace! That's a blessing from the Bible and one I pray for all of you this week. My hope today is that you would be strong in the grace of the Lord this week, living for him, reaching those closest to you with the gospel, loving God, and loving people. To help you, as always, here are a few things to think about and maybe put in motion ...

Saved People Like to Sing! Good follow-up to my sermon from a couple of Sundays ago. [By the way, do you like to sing?]

And in light of yesterday's sermon and text, here are 10 Things You Should Know About Female Submission.

You can make an idol out of anything, food being one of them. Read this to find out more. You may need deliverance from such an idol.

And finally, here are ten quotes by Charles Spurgeon for wounded Christians or those trying to help other wounded Christians [Look, all of us should be in at least one of those categories].

Here's a quote to finish off this entry:

"The Father does not love us because we are sinners; but he does love us even though we are sinners. He loved us before Christ died for us. It is because he loves us that Christ died for us!"


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