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Pastor's Blog Spot - Monday's Musings 10/03/16

Monday's Musings 10/03/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

I trust you had a restful Sunday, resting in the perfect, finished work of Jesus Christ. Yesterday was a challenging text to preach and hear - sermons on prayer always are. But aren't you glad that Jesus prayed perfectly and still intercedes for us, even when we don't pray as we ought? Keep praying friends. We need it. Others need it.

Here is a dose of articles to help you along this week, to help you fight the good fight:

Do you do family worship as a family? Here are five benefits to a neglected grace.

Do you rejoice when your team wins at whatever sport they play? Sure. But do you rejoice when others win? That's a good question.

Here's another reason Christianity is unique among all other religions.

And lastly, do you appreciate your spouse? You should.

Let me close with a quote: "Prayer never changes God. Prayer sometimes changes the person we are praying for. Prayer always changes us." (David Murray)


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