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Pastor's Blog Spot - Hump Day Helps 8/17/2016

Hump Day Helps 8/17/2016

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

Here's our midweek installment of links that you might find interesting or compelling or challenging or encouraging, however the Lord applies. Please note that a couple of these articles might be a bit discouraging but are given in the hopes of informing our minds about what is going on in our culture.

Here are a few articles on our culture and what is happening: White Christian America is Dying? and so is the idea of truth, at the hands of our victimization culture. These three articles simply show you the shifts that have occurred and we need to be prepared to deal with it in a redemptive and healthy way. What that looks like specifically is not easy to say for each church or each family, but believing the gospel, proclaiming Christ, and loving one another is a good place to start.

Anxiety may be something you struggle with or you know someone who does. This might be a helpful article for you then.

OK, OK. This is going to sound a little self-serving but I did think this was a good article from Thom Rainer: "10 Things Pastors Love to Hear from Church Members." I will follow this up with ten things congregations love to hear their pastors say to them later on. Sound like a good deal?


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