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Pastor's Blog Spot - Hump Day Helps 7/6/2016

Hump Day Helps 7/6/2016

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

It's been a couple of weeks since I last sent anything out to you due to the mission trip and 4th of July, but here's my latest offering for you.

What the "hook-up" culture has done to women. Moms and dads of girls read this and pass it along to your young lady if they are age appropriate. Such a sad article and so true.

I know I just finished in May a series on marriage but you may find this series of sermons very helpful. Alistair Begg is a faithful preacher with a Scottish accent ... that always seem to make the sermons more interesting. :)

Many claim today that all religions are fundamentally the same with minor differences. You especially see this with Islam and Christianity and Judaism. But that's not even close to true. One main reason is the "books" we use are profoundly different. Here's a handout to help you see why.

And here's a quote from V. Raymond Edman to close with: "It is one thing to love the Lord and His service, and quite something else to have an inexpressible longing for revival that cannot be denied.  It is one thing to wish for revival, and yet it is something in addition to be willing for revival at any cost to come in any way through any means that God may choose.”


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