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Pastor's Blog Spot - Hump Day Helps 7/27/16

Hump Day Helps 7/27/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

And now, it's time for your weekly dose of Hump Day Helps, a free service provided by Bethel Baptist Church to help you finish your work week strong and enter Sunday prepared for worship. Good sound bite, huh? Anyway, here are a few items I think will be helpful for you:

Have you noticed how intolerant people who preach tolerance in our society can be? I am taking about those who say we should tolerate all people's lifestyles and views except anyone's view that says some things are actually wrong and harmful. See the inconsistency with that. Might want to read this article.

Husbands and wives, both of you can apply this wise advice to your marriage.

Everyone who has a job or will have a job, here's a good reminder to you about being a good employee. Really, this is vitally important for our witness.

And, in light of my upcoming sermon, this might be helpful for parents and those fighting the good fight, trying to slay the dragon, trying to be careful with what you watch on the internet.


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