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Pastor's Blog Spot - Hump Day Helps 7/13/2016

Hump Day Helps 7/13/2016

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

Another week, another Hump Day, and another chance to glorify God and enjoy him. Here's a few articles I think will be helpful to you, especially with all that is going on in our country at the moment.

Some tips on dealing with the police shootings and the aftermath of it all. Very wise.

I know it's been a week or so since the 4th of July, but here's a good thought - we aren't as independent as we think. Read to find out what I mean.

Speaking of freedom. Here's an interview of a lady who was freed from the grip of her sexual desires. Not only is this encouraging to see God's grace at work, but this is also informative for helping you think biblically about the whole gender-identity issue.

Are you bored? If not, you should be. I can totally identify with this article and found myself doing the whole, "I've been thinking that for some time."

And finally, another quote for the week: Do not give fair names to foul sins. Call them what you will, they will smell no sweeter. —C.H.Spurgeon [Have you ever noticed that we do this? Like, we call fornication, premarital sex, as though it were an issue of bad timing. Or we call adultery, an affair. I am sure you can think of others but you can see how the enemy has worked to make these things acceptable to us just by getting us to call them something different than sin.]


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