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Pastor's Blog Spot - Hump Day Helps 10/19/16

Hump Day Helps 10/19/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

Grace and peace to all of you,

It's Wednesday and I hope you are thinking not, "I'm almost done with this work week" as much as "I'm only a few days closer to gathering with God's people on Sunday." Friends, Sunday is the best day of the week where you can gather with the best people on Earth. Preach that into your soul and keep doing it till you die. Until we get to Sunday, here's a few helps for you:

This and this is not exactly encouraging. It's just a good reminder for us to be prepared. Religious freedom as we once knew it is fading. Christianity's day in America is fading. We must be prepared, not to fight as one might think, but to fight with love and the gospel.

Should Christians feel guilty all the time?

This might be a good conversation to have with your children ... and you need to have the vice-versa conversation with your boys as well.

Let me end with this wonderful, gospel-rich quote from a sermon entitled “The Temper of Jesus, or, Grace to the Chief of Sinners,” by Benjamin Grosvenor (1676-1758). In it he presented the risen Jesus addressing his apostles, as they were about to take the gospel out into the world. Among other things, the Lord gave them these instructions, revealing his heart for the undeserving:

“If you meet that poor wretch who thrust the spear into my side, tell him there is another way, a better way, to come at my heart, if he will repent and look upon whom he has pierced and will mourn. I will cherish him in that very heart he has wounded; he shall find the blood he shed an ample atonement for the sin of shedding it. And tell him from me, he will put me to more pain and displeasure by refusing this offer of my blood, than when he drew my blood forth.” [John Davies, editor, Sermons by Benjamin Grosvenor (Isle of Wight, 1808), page 8. Style updated.]


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