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Monday's Musings 9/26/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

It's Monday and you are fully into your work week or if you are retired you are probably still busy. Yesterday I preached on work, so I hope you were challenged and encouraged. My prayer is that this week you will work hard, serve your employer well, be a blessing to your coworkers, and do all...

Hump Day Helps 9/14/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

You are almost half way through the work week; more importantly, you are one day closer to gathering with the saints to worship on Sunday and be built up in the faith. Until then, here are a few articles to encourage you, to inform the mind, change the heart, and direct the hands of your...

Monday's Musings 9/12/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may he make his face shine upon you; may he lift up your countenance and give you his peace! That's a blessing from the Bible and one I pray for all of you this week. My hope today is that you would be strong in the grace of the Lord this week, living for...

Monday's Musings 9/5/16

Posted by Brandon Pugh on

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day, resting in the finished work of Jesus on your behalf. The book of Hebrews calls us to strive to enter into his rest - you know sometimes it can be hard work to rest in Christ Weird huh? But that's a different sermon for a different day. Today, let me give you...