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Bethel Baptist Church

Bethel Baptist Christian Preschool Director

Bethel Baptist Christian Preschool Director Job Description
Bethel Baptist Christian Preschool is a ministry of the Bethel Baptist Church whose goal is to meet the childcare needs of parents and children in the community. It is wholly owned and governed under the direction of Bethel Baptist Church. The preschool is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality preschool and daycare services to all of the children of our local community. The school is a Christian preschool. As such, we teach basic Christian beliefs and values to the children who attend the school. These teachings are included in the total curriculum.
In order to manage a Christian preschool, it is the belief of Bethel Baptist Church that the employees hired are Christians and will agree to sign Bethel Baptist Church’s Statement of Faith and a Code of Conduct that elaborates those Christian beliefs. All teachers should not only be professionally qualified, but have a loving concern for small children, and a gift to teach. Above all else, all teachers that work for the preschool ought to have a commitment and desire to serve Christ. With that said, it is imperative that daycare director not only exemplifies these characteristics but will also model for and encourage preschool employees to do the same.
Role and Function:
The Childcare’s Committee function is to establish policies for the preschool and the director’s function is to carry out these policies. The role of the Childcare Committee is to provide for the administration of the preschool and the role of the director is to carry out the day-to-day administration of the Preschool.
The Childcare Committee is accountable to the Bethel Baptist Church and is responsible to report to the congregation concerning the preschool. The director is accountable to the Childcare Committee and Senior Pastor for carrying out the responsibilities as outlined in the job description.
The daycare director shall…
• Prepare and submit monthly financial information to the childcare committee.
• Use a computer to automate financial record keeping so as to provide that information when requested in an efficient and expedient manner and be prepared to report that information and any other regarding the state of the daycare.
• Authorize purchase of instructional materials and teaching aids such as books, toys, and games designed to stimulate learning.
• Be responsible for interviewing and hiring all teaching and service staff to ensure each person hired is willing and desirous to uphold biblical ethics while employed by Bethel Baptist Church.
• Ensure that the proper references and documentation are secured and filed on all daycare personnel.
• Confer with teaching staff regarding a child’s learning or behavioral problems, recommend methods of modifying inappropriate behavior, and encourage learning experiences.
• Review and evaluate program activities to ensure conformance to state and local regulations.
• Review and evaluate teacher, caregivers, and service staff.
• Recommend raises, hires, terminations, and disciplinary actions of staff to be reviewed and approved by the childcare committee.
• Consult the senior pastor for personnel issues, as needed.
• Review and approve menu plans and food purchases.
• Arrange medical attention for ill or injured children in accordance with parental instruction.
• Perform teaching duties in the event of an absence from a regular teacher.
• Interact with other Bethel Baptist Church staff members as is necessary and will attend church staff meetings when scheduled.
• Maintain active CPR and First Aid Certification
As the director of an outreach ministry at Bethel Baptist Church, the Daycare Director is encouraged to be an active member of Bethel Baptist Church. In the event that membership at Bethel Baptist is not possible, the director is required to be a member of a like-minded church, in faith and practice, requiring a letter of recommendation showing the candidate is in good standing and active in their church. To perform this job successfully, an individual must also be able to perform each responsibility satisfactorily.
State Requirements:
• High School Diploma or Early Childhood Technical Certificate or equivalent and 7 years of experience administering an early care and/or education program
• 6 hours annual training, in addition to required training for directors
• Annually updated Professional Development Plan
• One of the following:
1. Associates degree in a relevant area and four years’ experience administering an early care and/or education program
2. Relevant bachelor’s degree or higher and two years’ experience administering and early childcare and/or education program.
3. Program Administrator Credential.